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Yes, Virginia, People ARE Still Reading!

I have to admit.  I have been skeptical about the reading habits of Americans, particularly the 16-29 generation.  You know, the generation that seems to drive all the marketing.

With the plethora of technology available, it seems books would hold less allure.  Or maybe it’s just the extreme despair I feel when my students, college students mind you, have told me, with great pride, that they have not voluntarily read a book since junior high.  I know, terrifying isn’t it?

But all is not lost!  A recent study came out that indicated that individuals between the ages of 16 and 29 are, in fact, reading.  According to the Pew Internet:

“More than eight in ten Americans between the ages of 16 and 29 read a book in the past year, and six in ten used their local public library. At the youngest end of the spectrum, high schoolers in their late teens (ages 16-17) and college-aged young adults (ages 18-24) are especially likely to have read a book or used the library in the past 12 months.”

My heart leaped at the news.  Of course, I am a ridiculous reader.  I have been known to read while ironing.  Yes, ironing.  So I love it when I hear about other people, particularly younger people, being interested in reading.  Maybe it’s the Harry Potter effect.  I have been at the bookstore and seen the lines for Harry Potter’s releases.  They were inspiring!

E-Readers seem to be a critical part of this interest.  Now people have multiple formats to access their books.  Which for a generation as tech savvy as the under thirty group, just makes it more appealing.  Now wherever they are, they can access their books.  In fact, most individuals who read an e-book were more likely to read it on their phone or computer than on an e-reader.  That one really surprised me.

Have a look at the original article.  The link is above.  What do you think?  I, for one, was pretty surprised.  But pleasantly so!


3 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, People ARE Still Reading!”

  1. Huh, I’m surprised by both the library fact and that so many would read on their phone or computer. I’ll be the first to admit I was anti ereader until I got my iPad. I’ve probably only read 5 or 6 ‘real’ books since. Yikes! That’s crazy to think about, though I do still keep a pile by my bed just in case. 🙂 Great post!!

    1. I was surprised as well, but I suppose it makes sense. I think computers, iPhones, etc. makes books more available. People don’t have to buy tech just to read. Now, it’s an added bonus to tech they’ve bought for other reasons. So they have a long wait somewhere and figure, hey, I might as well read a book. Who knew tech could actually encourage reading? 🙂

  2. I confess. I’m a compulsive serial reader…an addict, really. I’ve had a lifelong love of reading and, if responsibilities face me which MUST not be neglected, I must force myself to avoid books.

    A few years ago I switched to eBooks because I have no more shelf space in my house in which to put paperbacks or hard cover books. Of course, the reduced prices of eBooks makes it possible for me to indulge my addiction to an even greater degree than I could with physical books. The downside of reading as many books as I do is that I can’t remember details of specific books after a month or so. Books that I greatly enjoy are put in a special “Read Again” archive.

    At any given moment in time, I can tell you the title of a book I am currently reading. Usually, that amounts to a minimum of one per week and sometimes as many as 3-5. This may sound outrageous, but I am not only retired but have physical disabilities which constrain what I’m capable of doing. Reading is a crucial element in my quality of life.

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