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Size Does Matter . . . Even for Books!

In the wonderful world of reading, people have done all sorts of market research regarding the types of books that people read.  One interesting finding to come out of this research is that size of the book (ie., the number of pages) does indeed matter.  If a book is over 400 pages, people are less likely to finish it.

HipType ( also provides a number of other data points on who’s more likely to read what.   Gender, in particular, is a relevant factor.   In terms of genres, females, unsurprisingly, are more likely to read romances and males historical books.   Women are more likely to finish a book than men and more likely to read a book with a female lead character.  And books with a female protagonist are 40% more likely to be a bestseller.

With the dawn of e-books, price has also become a serious consideration.  According to HipType, books priced at 99 cents are twelve times more likely to be sold than higher priced books.  But at the price point of $3.99, authors make the most revenue.

So what does this all mean?  Well, it means that would-be authors may want to take the reading habits of people into consideration.  Marketing goes beyond just price point, but also genres, characters, settings and length.

And with the explosion of the self publishing books and even for traditionally published books, marketing is falling more and more on the author.  As awful as it may sound, practical considerations are a smart business choice.  If you’re book is over 375 pages, shorten it.  If you have only a male lead, add a female.  Combine romance and historical subplots.  All reasonable ideas when trying to generate a book of mass appeal.

So what do you think?  Do you think a marketing scheme should be considered at the story development stage?


3 thoughts on “Size Does Matter . . . Even for Books!”

  1. Good to know that at the .99 cent price point books are twelve times more likely to be sold since I just put mine on sale. I’ll let you know how that worked out for me. Great post!! Tweeting!!

  2. I thought that was really intresting too. You should check out the HipType website. They really do have a lot of interesting things on there. Keep me posted on your sales. We’ll consider it a test of the data!

  3. I definitely go against statistics in this category, and actually, against most profiles of female readers. I absolutely LOVE long books and long movies. In fact, the higher priced the book, the longer I’d like it to be. It isn’t really about the cost, however. I seems more like a good miniseries in print.
    Suggestion: Once you have decided your Belial series is complete, I’d like you to make it available as a “boxed set.” By that time, I would have already purchased all the books individually, however, readers who really enjoy the first book, would probably buy the boxed set. I’ve done this with other authors’ series because I love reading series books back-to back. This is what I did with the Belial books. I bought the first one in July 2013 and liked it. Recently, while cruising for new books, I came upon the others and bought the next 4. I anxiously await book 6. You have me wondering if Victoria is Lilith, or Eve, or someone equally shocking.

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