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Thrillers: A Life Long Love Affair

So I love thrillers.  Love, love, love them!  The other day I was trying to remember when that love affair began.    The first adult thrillers I can recall reading were The Eight by Catherine Neville and Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.  I remember getting absolutely lost in them.  That was back in high school.

But the seeds for thriller reading were planted much earlier.  After all, all our current behaviors, interest, and ideas have been influenced by the whole of our life leading up to that point.  So I struggled to think back to where it all began.  When I was around twelve, my mom bought me a series of adventure books for kids by a British author named Enid Blyton.  They were great!  Five young teens stranded on a deserted island-style themes.  Her books are still available today.  When my kids are old enough, I plan on getting them the whole set.

But even that wasn’t the beginning.  Thinking back, I recognized my love of thrillers could be traced to two sets of books: first, Encyclopedia Brown.  God, I loved those!  Trying to figure out what had happened, who had done it along with the boy detective.  Fun!  And then one day I realized that Donald Sobol would always write in one extra clue.  In one book,  the guilty party was filing her nails but she claimed she’d been in a bath for an hour.  If that were the case her nails would have been too soft to file.  Oh, that smarty Encyclopedia!

The other source were Choose Your Own Adventure Books.  Remember those?  You come to the end of a hallway and have to go right (turn to page 16) or left (turn to page 34).   I’d go through once. Then I’d go through again and again and again until I’m pretty sure I managed every possible combination of choices.

Each series introduced me to adventures and mysteries.  And so began the love affair that has lasted for nearly thirty years!  So where did your love a good book come from?


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