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It’s Like Your Mom Said, Try It. You Might Like It.

There have been times in my life when I have been desperate, and I mean desperate, for something to read. None of my favorite authors were coming out with anything and nothing on the book shelves looked appealing.

And I needed a book. NEEDED. I was like a junkie needing a fix. (Yes, I know. I have a problem.)

At that moment of desperation, I knew what I had to do: try a book that was outside my comfort zone. Shudder, cringe.

Now if there’s one thing that is almost always guaranteed to have me place a book back on the literal or electronic shelf, it’s a book set in the future. I don’t know why. They whole idea of space suits, laser guns, weird computerized pets, has never appealed to me. Outside my frame of reference, I suppose.

But as I mentioned, I was desperate. I saw that JD Robb (aka Nora Roberts pen name for the ‘In Death’ series) had come out with a new book. Now I’m not big into romances, but this was a thriller/mystery/cop series. Only hold back, it is set in the future. Cue ‘Desperado’ theme song. But I knew what I had to do. So with a heavy heart, I picked up the book and headed to the cash register. (Obviously, this tale comes from a time before e-readers.)

I went home and started reading, not out of interest, but, out of, say it with me, desperation. And I loved it! In fact, after reading that one book, I had to read the rest of the series. And whenever she comes out with a new book, I buy it right away. (In fact, she’s coming out with one next week. Yeah!)

So does this mean I now like futuristic settings? No. (Unless of course their post apocalyptic, but that’s an entirely different post.) It’s just that the ‘In Death’ series is about an extremely damaged female detective who is tough as nails, straight forward, and has a strong sense of right and wrong. How can you not root for that?

And JD intersperses her novels with humor, some great sex scenes, and skilful plots. As for the futuristic stuff, to be honest, I kind of skim over those parts, but sometimes the images make me smile.

So, the next time you’re desperate, take a chance. Read something you’re just not that sure about. You may find it opens the door to whole new batch of books.

So tell me, any ‘desperate’ driven authors you now love?


7 thoughts on “It’s Like Your Mom Said, Try It. You Might Like It.”

  1. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect! I was desperately seeking fiction recently as well, and found WOOL, which was totally outside my usual genre. It’s great! I think the advent of the cheapy read on kindle is helping readers to read outside their usual genres… if the book only costs a couple of bucks, I’ll try anything! I would never have bought a sci fi at 20 bucks in the book store. However, I also read 50 shades…. and that was a waste of time! 😉 Nice blog, looking forward to more posts!

    1. HI Libby. I know what you mean!. I too have found some great e-books. And you’re right, I never would have bought them at full book store price. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to ‘see’ you again!

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