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YA Books: Not just for kids anymore

Let’s face it. Since the release of the Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games series, young adult books are not just for the young any more.

What? You haven’t read Hunger Games yet? Not even the first one? Okay. Stop reading and step away from the computer. Go immediately to your bookstore or e-book distributor, download or buy Hunger Games. Read it. I’ll wait . . . .

Thanks for rejoining us to our blog already in progress. So where was I? Oh right. YA books. I know the idea for me was not at first appealing. All I could remember were the schmaltzy teen romances from my day. But that’s not what YA is anymore.

In the publishing world, the YA market is literally exploding. Twilight demonstrated this huge group hungry for books and the publishing world has responded. Think great thrillers without the sex. (well, usually.)

One great read is the Gone series by Michael Grant. The series tells the story about a town where all the adults above the age of fifteen disappear one day and a weird force field surrounds the town, keeping them in. Half the kids have some form of mutant powers and half do not. It becomes a modern day Lord of the flies. Absolutely addicting!

A second series to check out is by Dan Wells. The first book is called Partials, the second Fragments. The stories are set after disease and war with Partials has wiped out all but 35,000 people from the planet. Partials, incredibly powerful bio-synthetic humans, are at war with the remaining humans. And all human babies born die within days of birth from a disease called RM. A young woman, Kira Walker, is looking for a cure and along the way finds an ally in a Partial. Together, they are attacked by both sides as they struggle to save humanity.

So when you’re desperate for a new book, take a little stroll through the YA aisles. I have and I’ve found some gems. Maybe you’ll discover your own riches!


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