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Rooting for the Underdog: The Girl in the Box Series  

So I’ve started a new series that I’m enjoying. It’s the Girl in the Box by Robert J. Crane.

It was recommended to me and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The title made me think of Schrodinger’s cat. You know, the theory about the cat in the box: Until the box is opened the cat is simultaneously dead and alive. (Obviously, I am not a physicist and that is my layman’s interpretation. Here’s a better one if you’re interested.)

Anyway, without the recommendation, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up. And honestly, that would have been my loss. I devoured the first book in a day.

So here’s the synopsis: Sienna Nelson has spent fifteen of her seventeen years of her life hidden away in the apartment she shares with her mother. But then her mother disappears. And then men with guns show up. Unable to stay and not really sure what awaits her outside her door, Sienna nonetheless herself thrust into the outside world. And there’s more than just those two men chasing her.

But this is not just a chase novel. Not by any stretch. Robert J. Crane has added a supernatural element that is right up my aisle and created this whole underworld that exists right along ours.

Of course, being the main character is seventeen, this is a YA novel, so it’s full of teenage angst and teenage fearlessness. Often called stupidity by us adults.   The whole time though you are rooting for Sienna. She has so much stacked against her – you just want the girl to catch a break.

Of course, that means she needs to make her own breaks. The first three books of the series are free on Amazon, so if you have a chance, go download them. And happy reading! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Rooting for the Underdog: The Girl in the Box Series  ”

  1. Your review makes me want to read this book, but I have about three thousand books ahead of it. One of those being, THE BELIAL RING, some former professor wrote. So, would you recommend GIRL IN THE BOX before I read the archeology/fallen angel book?

    1. Hmmmm, how to answer this one? Egotistically – Read the Belial Ring! Altruistically – Read the Girl in the Box! I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave that to you. 🙂

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