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Readers Are Just Awesome People!

I read this article and just had to pass along the link. It talks about the benefits of being a reader, not just for ourselves but for those around us. And by readers I mean those people who when they lift their eyes from the page need a few seconds to adjust to the reality they have just returned to.

This link leads to an Elite Daily article on why Readers are the best people to fall in love. The article discusses the psychological research that finds readers to be more empathetic and capable of understanding than non-readers. Have a look yourself. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Readers Are Just Awesome People!”

  1. I just finished the Belial trilogy and loved every second! The stories were Captivating, well laid out both character wise and plot. From the first chapter of the Belial Stone I knew I would read the entire series.
    When I I finished the “Ring” I was saddened that there wasn’t another book awaiting my greedy eyes!
    I feel there could be many more Laney and company books written , even if entirely fiction. You have created such rich stories on them it would be fun to explore Victoria, Henry and Laney becoming a family, Henry and Jen and of course Jake and Laney. Following Danny as he grows and how he fits into the new Chandler family and the blooming relationship between Henry and Jen. Uncle Patrick has got to be having some issues with reconciling his life as a priest and everything that’s happened
    Anyway Thank you for a well written trilogy and I will be following your work.

    1. Hi Kathy. Thanks for stopping by! And actually, there are two more books out in the Belial Series: Recruit and The Belial Children. It’s funny, because I am working on the sixth book in the series right now and Uncle Patrick is who I was just working on – trying to resolve what he’s learning with what he believes as a Catholic priest. The story is taking me some very interesting places!

      Thanks again for getting in touch and take care,

  2. Obviously I didn’t read close enough I just saw there is 2 more in the series. Doing the happy dance! Excuse me, as I have 2 excellent books to get to.

  3. Thank you-thank you-thank you for combining all of my favorite things in these amazing books. I cannot put them down! You have found my hunger for archaeology, history and angels by weaving a story that always leaves you cheering for good over evil. Please don’t stop creating these books! I will be your #1 fan!

    1. Hey there #1 fan! It’s funny, I keep wondering how long this series will be. I thought the next book might be the last but then I had this idea . . . So now it’s all up in the air. I think when I stop having ideas, I’ll know it’s time to call it quits. But I don’t think we’re quite there yet!

      Thanks for getting in touch. Take care,

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