Homo Sapiens: The Only Bipedal Primates on the Planet – Right?

Each time I write a book, I do my research. And more often than not, that research leads to more questions and more research for a different book. Such was the case for The Belial Children. I won’t give anything for those who have yet to read the book, but as I was conducting those particular lines of research, I kept coming across tales of giant primates in North America.

So I started researched bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, and a dozen other names for a giant hairy primate. The more I learned the more fascinated I became and I knew there was a book in there. Originally, I had hoped to incorporate the topic into the Belial Series. But let’s be honest, Laney meeting bigfoot stretches the realm of credibility a little too far. As a result, Dr. Tess Brannick was born. An anthropologist with a background in anatomy and physiology, she is intent on proving the existence of the creature that has been the stuff of legends for centuries.

Even though Hominid is outside the Belial series, it is written in the same manner – lots of facts weaved between the narrative. In fact, Hominid has the largest fact and fiction section of all the books I’ve written.

So while you’re waiting for the next Belial series book (coming in November) I hope you’ll take a chance on Hominid. It is now available on Amazon.com!

P.S. And I failed to do an announcement for two other books: The Belial Origins and Runs Deep. Runs Deep is another departure from the Belial Series and honestly, was so much fun to write. Because what’s more fun than a serial killer in a small town? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Homo Sapiens: The Only Bipedal Primates on the Planet – Right?”

  1. I will be downloading this book to my Kindle shortly! Thanks for the entertaining stories 🙂 I have now caught up with all your other books and patiently await the next in the Belial series (and my 17 year old son too)!

  2. (This comment space wiped me out once.) I was able to put this book down and take a break. We had a power outage and I couldn’t find any candles. Again my gym time, house work and cigar collection have been neglected.
    The characters and the pace of this book are riveting and fun. I am glad I got this book, parts make me very happy and parts bring up other emotions. I am a grateful fan. That said- get back to work on the Belial series.

  3. The sun came up. So I was able to finish reading the book. You realize that Missy will be old enough to wander around the woods in just a few years? Just a thought.
    I have to re-read Hominid because I caught myself turning the pages faster as a got close to the end.

  4. I can’t wait for your new installment R.D! I have read all of your books now except Hominid and Runs Deep which I just downloaded those on Kindle. Gonna hit those right away. I haven’t read a book in its entirety for many, many years. When I decided to give it another try, I am so glad I picked your book first. You re-energized my love for reading and I love that feeling of not being able to put it down or when I talk to others about the characters in the books. Very exciting. And I tell everyone I know about your series.

  5. I have read and enjoyed everyone of your books and can’t wait until your next one.

    Keep writing, you are one of my favourite authors.

    all the best

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