A New Episode in the Belial Adventure Begins

I am happy to announce the release of the next installment in The Belial Series, The Belial Guard. I am thrilled with where this book is leading us. Laney is starting a whole new quest where everything is up for grabs. The Belial Guard is now available on Amazon. Pick up your copy today!

Delaney McPhearson has facThe Belial Guard - 3Ded danger after danger. And along the way she’s lost a great deal.

Some would say too much.

But for the first time, she has fully embraced who she is—and what’s expected of her. She’s ready to take on whatever her destiny puts in her path.

But now, another power rises with a plan of its own.

A plan that will have worldwide ramifications.

A plan that Laney won’t see coming until it’s too late.

And a plan that will lead to Laney’s undoing.


Available now on Amazon!



12 thoughts on “A New Episode in the Belial Adventure Begins”

  1. Great.. Can’t wait to read .. ! Already purchased a copy.. !
    I must say, I’ve become a real admirer of your writing style and the Belial Series in general. It’s been a great pleasure to read these books and hope to enjoy the next one. I’ve been rather stingy with posting the reviews due to multiple reasons but will make sure to write a review for the entire series soon.


    1. Thanks Sumit! I am so happy you’re enjoying the series. I’m really enjoying where Laney is going to take us in the next few books. There’s a whole new aspect of her past and future we’ll be exploring!

      Take care,

      1. I purchased the newest Belial book Tuesday eve. I could not stop until the wee hours in the A.M.!
        As a Forensic/Prison Psychologist, I had to read Runs Deep in one setting because the character development and foreshadowing of the antagonist held so true to that of a psychopath! (After 40 years working with them, I know their traits quite well!.). As for Hominid, the family and social structure of the Big Foot tribe was well portrayed.
        Keep the books coming! What’s next?

      2. Hi Ron! I am thrilled you are enjoying the books! When I use to teach about psychopaths I used to tell my students to envision them as aliens who only look human. Because underneath, how they feel, think, react is not the way most humans would. So I’m glad I captured it realistically! Next up is ALIVE – which will be the beginning of a new series. I’m diving into the sic-fi world with that one. And it has been ablest to write. I hope you like it as much as the other books. Thanks for reading and for getting in touch.

        Take care,

      3. In one of my personality classes (so long ago, my Swiss cheese mind can’t recall the title!), we used a book that examined humans from the alien view point. It was an online course from Walden U. I quit their program because the VA didn’t approve it at that time, but we got that squared away, and I finished my doctorate as The University of Sarasota.

  2. You are an awesome and inspiring writer. I am always immediately engulfed in the story line, adventure and lives of the characters. You also write “completely.” I am never left with threads, trials and rabbit trails. There are times when I think the story is going to end yet you continue and pull us even deeper! After reading The Belial series I didn’t really think I’d like anything else you’d written as I had experienced some writers only being good with one story line . . . HA!!! You surprised me! I loved Hominid and Runs Deep! PLEASE keep writing! I can’t wait until the next Belial installment, I’ve read them all.

  3. I just purchased #8 and can’t wait to get started on it. I love the journey I get to be involved in. Thank you immensely.

  4. I love the Belial series. I was always fascinated by alternative archeology, criminology, ancient mysteries and aliens and when I was looking for something good to read, the Belial Stone seemed like a good choice. Now, only a week later, I just finished book 6 in the series. I love the characters, the storyline and all the twists and turns.
    I can’t wait to start book 7 and eventually dive into your other series you wrote.
    You seem to cover all the topics I am interested in. Looks like I will have plenty to read for the summer after seeing how many books you have.
    You are an amazing writer who knows how keep readers thinking and at the edge of their seat.

    1. I just finished the ALIVE first installment. As usual, your plotting, character development, and page turnability, and midnight oil writing was exceptional. I’m getting the Guard book in the AM, as soon as my Social Security comes in!
      Dr Ron Hestand

      1. I finished the 8th book in the Belial series and am now sitting on pins and needles waiting for book 9 lol.
        I will get the ALIVE series to tide me over and I have a feeling I will get hooked on that too.

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