Let It B.E.G.I.N.!

I am happy to announce that the first installment in the A.L.I.V.E. series, B.E.G.I.N., is now available on Amazon.

13173024_994219477328143_461505311628520360_oAnd for the first time, I have joined with a group of other authors in a collection of short stories entitled Clones the Anthology. Each author has put their own interpretation on the topic of clones. I of course took the facts about cloning, the United States military, and UFO sightings to create my own personal ‘what if’ story. The beauty of the anthology is that you may even find another author that you really enjoy reading and all for the bargain price of 99 cents, at least until June 7th. 🙂

B.E.G.I.N. is the first in the A.L.I.V.E. series which will be followed by R.E.S.U.M.E. and A.L.I.V.E..  Both will be available by the beginning of July. So pick up Clones the Anthology today!

13198591_10153524398142483_8311438349980151907_oIn 1988, Project B.E.G.I.N. (Biological Experiment of Genetic Interaction Nexus) was developed in response to the increasing alien presence in the United States air space. The science is years ahead of anything being done in the private sector. Lead scientist Dr. Alice Leander knows she is on the cusp of world changing technology.

But as the project succeeds, she begins to question what exactly that success means. Because if she succeeds she will bring a living being into the world. And then who does she answer to: her conscience or her government?

Pick up your copy on Amazon today!


3 thoughts on “Let It B.E.G.I.N.!”

  1. Apparently I pulled up an old email by mistake and thought you new Belial book was out early. I had finished your short story, along with the other stories in the anthology “Clone”, and A.L.i.V.E, last week and when I saw that email I flashed over to Amazon to obtain the “Search” book, not recognizing I had read it until I saw the release date there.

    Both your “Clone” story and A.L.I.V.E. were superb, but then I expected nothing less. Your development of Martin reminded me of the development of the antagonist in “Runs Deep.” Excellent from the standpoint of this psychologist who spent almost 40 years dealing with that type of person as a prison and forensic psychologist!

    I wish your books came out more frequently. Being retired, and on disability I find myself with loads of time to read!

    Dr Ron Hestand

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