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Helen of Troy – More than Just a Pretty Face

The name Helen of Troy is known throughout the world, in large part due to Homer and The Iliad. But the legend of Helen was known for hundreds of years before Homer ever told her tale. In fact, The Iliad, written at least five hundred years after the Trojan War, contains only a few lines about the Queen. All of the other action occurs around her and for her, but not by her.

But that description of Helen as a woman who is acted upon rather than one who acts does not seem to mix well with the true history of the woman.  Helen was not actually Helen of Troy but Helen, queen of Sparta. In The Belial Warrior, this alternative Helen, the one who ruled a kingdom of the world’s fiercest fighters, comes to light. It’s time we learned what the enigmatic queen was really like.


The world has learned the legend of Helen of Troy, but not her story.

Even the name by which she is known is not her true title.

She was Helen, Queen of Sparta.

And she was much more than a pretty face.


Delaney McPhearson has been made a public pariah. She barely escaped with her life from Colorado when law enforcement agents moved in. And she cannot take credit for that escape. No, that credit belongs to one man, Drake-Las Vegas entertainer, sabbatical taking archangel, and consummate egoist.

But Drake’s help is not without strings. He has an agenda too. He knows for Laney to move forward, she must first delve into her past–she must remember her life as Helen of Troy.

History has never truly known Helen. For hundreds of years cults celebrated her, well before Homer immortalized her in The Iliad as a woman who turned her back on her family and kingdom for a handsome face. Yet as with many of history’s greatest characters, the life of Helen of Troy is more than it seems.

Now it’s finally time for the most maligned woman in history to tell her side of the story.

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1 thought on “Helen of Troy – More than Just a Pretty Face”

  1. Loving the series and waiting with less than patient anticipation for the next one. I love this version of Helen, give me strong, smart, women any day.

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