I'm the one with the red hair.
Reading with my guardian.  (I’m the one with the red hair.)

Hi there. My name is R.D. Brady and I am a reader. And by reader, I mean I may have a problem. I am not content unless I have a book sitting by my bedside. And when I find a really good book, I have been known to pretty much disappear into it. The world could implode and until I’ve reached that last page, I won’t notice.

Of course, that’s not my day job. I looked. There were very few jobs that would pay me to read the books I wanted to read. So, I got a Ph.D. in Criminology and became a college professor. As a professor, you still get to read the stuff you want, it’s just the stuff you want has to have a crime angle. So it slowed up my reading a bit.

The idea from this blog came from desperation. I have at times been desperate for a new book. I scour the racks, both physical and electronic, looking for the next book to get lost in. I have even googled: desperate for a good book. And I thought, hey, why not help someone else find that great book to get lost in? So thanks for visiting and enjoy the ride. (And if you have any criminology related questions, feel free to write. After all, once a teacher, always a teacher!)


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  1. Hello R.D.
    As a fellow professor (criminal psychology and criminology) I appreciate your statement “once a teacher, always a teacher”. I am glad that you share your knowledge in your excellent novel.

  2. Hello R. D. Brady. I really enjoyed The Belial Stone. Looking for more of your books. I am sure i will enjoy any that you write. Roy Lutes

  3. Greetings, R.D. Brady!

    I just last night finished reading “The Belial Library” on my Kindle (I think it was some time past midnight). At the end of “Stone” I immediately bought “Library” because I couldn’t wait. This time I read your Author’s Note (and beyond), so here I am at DesperateForaGoodBook!

    I totally grok your need for a good book, one that is fun to read yet challenging to the intellect. I like reading so much, I don’t know how you find the time to actually write these wonderful tales. I suppose it comes from being so “desperate for a good book” you finally decided to write one.

    Your ability to weave actual people, places, histories and events (together with alternative perspectives and speculations about them) into an imaginitive and utterly plausible narrative is nothing short of awesome! I have spent decades devouring classic sci-fi, fantasy and speculative fiction, and your work is among the most enjoyable I have encountered.

    Rest assured that I will be singing your praises on Amazon and any other site that’ll let me.

    Mike H.

  4. Dear Brady,
    You are a great inspiration as well as a great author. I am about to finish my Ph.D and get into an academic position. But I want to be a writer as well. But I was not sure how to manage the two. After seeing your profile and reading the first 2 books of the Belial series, I’m convinced its possible. Great work ! Keep it up.

  5. I just finished reading all 3 of the Belial series in a day and a half! They’re very good. And now the wait for the next book is going to be excruciating! I hate having to wait to get the full story lol

    1. Phew, that was fast read! 🙂 I’m working on the next book. I’m hoping to have it out in November (fingers crossed!). But sadly, I must warn you, there are a few more mysteries hinted at in the next one!

      Take care,

  6. Hello R.D.~
    Just finished reading The Belial Origins and felt compelled to tell you how much I have enjoyed this series. The characters feel like fast friends I have known for ages. Sadly I must wait until November for the next book.
    Like you, I too am a fierce reader. I can’t finish one book without having another ready to begin. I find that’s where a series has great advantages. I highly recommend the Jack Hawthorne series by Don Hossel and the Rho Agenda Series by Richard Phillips. They may keep your avid fans occupied while waiting for your next book .-)

    A fan forever,
    Jean Moore

  7. I share your on-going struggle for good books, I do a lot of reading as a high school teacher, some of it painful, any retention of sanity has to come from reading: my by the recliner book, the bathtub book, the by the bed book, the kindle in my purse incase I get stuck waiting somewhere book. I really enjoy your books, but sadly tend to inhale them pretty much in one sitting. Please keep writing! Already inhaled the Belial Origins book.

  8. Hello R.D.:
    Looking through some of your blog posts, I found so many things we have in common. Not the job, as I am an IT professional, but being drawn to YA fiction started for me when my oldest child was in middle school. Our school had a zero period that required the students to read for 45 minutes a day. This meant I was always looking for interesting books for my kids to read at school. We have all read Harry Potter multiple times, The Book of Ember series, Cassandra Clare is popular, and we read The Hunger Games before it was popular. I am currently reading the last in Belial series. I have greatly enjoyed every one of the books. I, like you, read many books. I believe Kindles were invented to prevent me from burying myself and my family in stacks of books. I love going to a book store, but would be qualified as a hoarder if I hadn’t switched to a digital library. May your writing efforts continue to be blessed with that wonderful blend of fact and fiction that lights up our imagination. I look forward to adding to my digital library with more of your books.

  9. Hey R.D., “A.L.I.V.E” (#1) is a great read. Love your character development as well the powerful statement made about courage, loyalty and the importance of nurture/nature in the evolution of all species… anxiously awaiting #2!

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