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  1. I’ve just finished reading The Belial Stones and couldn’t put it down! More please! Please add me to your email list. Look forward to hearing about any new books. thanks again for the good read!!

  2. Just finished reading your book. Couldn’t put it down. Hurry with the sequel!! Please add me to your E-Mail list. Thank you.

  3. Just read your book! AMAZING!!! Had everything that I love in a book. Read it in 4 hours this evening. Really looking forward to another one! Loving Henry, need to know 😀 thanks so much for writing and giving me an opportunity to escape in a thrill ride. Please add me to your publication email list. Can’t wait !!!!!

  4. I loved your book. Couldn’t put it down. Please add me to your mailing list. Can’t wait for the next adventure. Many thanks.

  5. Please add me to your future publicatiosn list. I’m about half-way through the Belial Stone and really enjoying your book [pace, characters and storyline are very good]. And yes, highly recommend the Game of Thrones series……….first read these years ago and now have to wait eagerly for the next installment……..a truly excellent series. And one recommendation – Mark Chadbourn’s Age of Misrule series. Starts with World’s End……..another excellent and very enjoyable series [the first trilolgy is the best in my opinion]. Malcolm

  6. The Belial Stone was a most incredible read. This is the first book I have read of yours and really couldn’t put it down. I am looking forward to The Belial Library next. I am always pleased to find new authors………

  7. As with you, reading is an important part of who I am. Unfortunately, I am always seeking a “good book” and this is easier stated than done. Thank you for your Belial Series. I have found three good books and a week of enjoyment within their pages. I look forward to your next good book.

  8. Please when can we expect the next book in the Belial Series, have just finished books 1 to 3 and lost a lot of sleep because I couldn’t put them down. Totally addictive

  9. I loved the series so far. Just finished the Belial Ring and find I didn’t want it to end. I was also reading The Sword of Moses at the same and your historical and archaeological facts paralleled each other. Well Done!

  10. Thanks for writing such a great series. I thoroughly enjoyed the Belial series. Just finished the Belial Ring and can’t wait for the next book. Loved the characters, the action, the writing, and, of course, the story. Please add me to your mailing list and let me know when the next book will be out in this series.

  11. Just read all three Belial books (one a day) and loved them! I enjoyed the historical and archeological information, some of which I was already familiar with. I loved the sense of love, friendship and family that is a large part of the stories and that the lead is a woman who can kick butt even before she finds the ring! I can’t wait for the next book. :o)

  12. R. D. Brady: Just finished reading all 3 books and can’t wait for the new ones to come out! LOVE your writing style. Also, read your list of all your favorite authors and books and I agree with you about James Rollins and J D Robb. I’d like to introduce you to two other FANTASTIC authors and series:

    1) The Eight and the other books by Kathrine Neville. The Eight remains one of my very favorite books!

    2) The Inspector Shan series of books by Elliot Pattison. Inspector Shan is a Chinese “auditor/inspector” who made the mistake of identifying his boss as the culprit. He was arrested, tortured and sent to a Tibet prison camp. There he is befriended by Monks. In each book you learn so much about the culture of Tibet and of the Buddist (sp?) religion; about the superstitions; about the problems with China, etc. In each book Shan is forced into investigating and solving some sort of crime; you see events unfold through his eyes. Each “bad person” using Shan undergoes some sort of a spiritual conversion – is the best way to describe it – through the story.

    Tomorrow I will go to Amazon and do a critique on each book, explaining just how much I LOVE your books.

    Happy writing, and I will enjoy happy reading.

    All the best, Carolyn Magura

    1. Hi Carolyn. I completely agree with you about The Eight. It’s one of my favorites as well. The Inspector Shan series I am not familiar with. But I will be looking him up. I am running low on books, so you’re comment came at the perfect time!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the Belial series. The next ones will be out next month (a novel and a novella).

      Thanks for reading!

  13. R.D. I have had The Belial Stone in my Amazon wish list for a long, long time waiting for the day it would come out on Audible. Just finished it today and I have to say it was well worth the wait. Definitely 5 stars so please don’t make me wait too long for The Belial Library! I am hooked! Thank for all your hard work and for the fantastic entertainment you are bring to us all!

    1. Hi Paul. I hope to get all the books on Audio within a year. The Belial Library will hopefully be on there by the summer. Thanks for the encouragement to make that happen!

      Take care,

  14. Please add me to your mailing list. I just finished The Belial Children and can’t wait for Belial Origions! Finally, we’ll know what Victoria’s story is. Until then I have the problem of deciding what to read next. When I read a really good book, I sometimes take several days to settle on my next book, because I can’t seems to find one as good as the next book in the series I just read. Belial Children did that to me, so I hope it’s still a go for May. Thanks for such wonderful books!

  15. I just finished all 5 books and I look forward to the next one. I found the series especially enjoyable as I grew up in Manlius NY in the 1950s and 60s. It brought back lots of memories and it was fun to see the story set in places I knew.

    1. Greetings from upstate New York! And thanks for reading. Spring just appeared here, which as you probably remember, means it will probably snow next week. 🙂

      Take care, R.D.

  16. R.D. Just enjoyed a long weekend with this series. (sent an email) and I would like you to know that I really enjoyed this entire series. You surprised me. You entertained me. You kept me awake and you really need to get to work on the screen play and the more books for this series.

  17. Have now finished all 6 of the Belial series and can’t wait to see if there is to be anymore – best series I have read in a long time

  18. Just finished Belial Ring. It had some very surprising plot twists, a few had me close to tears but I kept thinking this can’t be the end of Jake. The part about Laney making friends with the giant panther blew me away. I am eagerly looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Keep up the most exciting writing.
    Best of luck in all you do.

  19. I beg your pardon did not finish all the information for a post so will add it here as it will not let me edit the other one.

  20. Just finished all the books in the Bilial series you have published to date. Want to thank you for the fun I had reading them. Your historical, geographical and theology back drops really paint a poignant picture. Love your character development. I look forward to reading the rest of the series as you produce it. Kent

  21. Just finished the first two Belial books from They were great! Do you know when the others will be out as audiobooks?

    1. Hi Kathy. I’m working on getting them all out as audiobooks. In the meantime, Hominid, a book outside the series is currently available on audiobook.

      Thanks for getting in touch,

  22. Hi, just started top read the Belial Stone a couple of days ago and I can’t put it down! Can’t wait to get stuck into the others in the series

  23. Thoroughly enjoying your books- am on the fifth of the Belial series in as many days. I have teenage daughters who love reading but most teen and young adult fiction has too much of love and romance in it. Loved the mix of mythology, fantasy, science and archaeology in your books. Have been raving so much about them that my daughters are now starting the series! Keep writing and God Bless!

  24. I love the Belial series and have just purchased books 3 through 7 from Amazon, but I have a problem. The first book in the series, The Belial Stone is for sale on Amazon, but the price noted is $9,999.00. can you please get amazon to fix this? I’ve only read the Library and now want them all.

    Please keep them coming.

  25. Hi it’s me again Coni and the last name is TerHorst not terrorist probably scared some people thinking who is this crazy person with a name like that….. I don’t think you have written a book yet that I haven’t read. My question is anymore coming out soon cause I sure miss reading them and you!!#!

  26. R.D.
    I looked forward to my long rides to and from work, each day, listening to The Belial Stone an Library and was disappointed that the rest of the series was not in an audible format. Please don’t keep me waiting to long. This series is exactly what I look for when searching for a book, and if my neck would allow me to read for long periods I would have already finished them. Keep up the good writing.

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