The Belial Series (in order):

  1. The Belial Stone
  2. The Belial Library
  3. The Belial Ring
  4. Recruit: A Belial Series Novella
  5. The Belial Children
  6. The Belial Origins

Additional Books:


An innocent discovery on a Montana ranch two years ago, 

sets off a series of events that may very well change the world . . . 

if it doesn’t end it first.


Professor Delaney McPhearson’s life is turned upside down when her best friend, archeologist Drew Masters, is found dead.  Before she can deal with the heartbreaking loss, she is viciously attacked in her home by a man with inhuman fighting abilities.

Former Navy SEAL and head of security for a global think tank, Jake Rogan drops everything when he hears his foster brother Tom Jeffries has gone missing.   There seem to be no clues, no information about his whereabouts.  He has just vanished.  But Jake won’t rest until he finds him.

Laney and Jake join forces when they learn that the fates of their loved ones are intertwined.  And somehow all the danger that dogs their steps revolves around an eccentric archaeologist’s controversial work on Gobekli Tepe and the search for an ancient source of power.

Their personal quest soon becomes a race to protect humanity’s very existence.  But how can they defeat a foe who has been planning his moves for millennia?

To save mankind, Laney and Jake know they must succeed. But to succeed, they must live long enough to fight.


The Belial Library - 3D


An identity long hidden

And a brutal theft may destroy us all


Over decades, evidence of an incredible treasure, hidden in the forests of Ecuador, had been gathered by a Roman Catholic priest. The rumors of the treasure date back to the Conquistadors and tales of storehouses of Incan gold. But Professor Delaney McPhearson believes the treasure is older than the Incans. Much older.

As Atlantis was coming to an end, three libraries of knowledge and artifacts were hidden across the globe. Laney believes one of those hiding spots is the extensive tunnel system underneath Ecuador.

Laney knows she’s getting close to the ancient collection. But her research trip quickly turns into a brutal race for survival. For another group is also looking for the collection. And they will eliminate anyone and anything in their way.

Jake Rogan, former Navy SEAL and director of security for the Chandler Group, is a continent away when he learns of the danger Laney faces. But he will move heaven and earth to get to her in time.

In the middle of the search is Henry Chandler, CEO of the Chandler Group. Henry has spent a lifetime knowing he is different. He’s always wanted to know why. The library holds the answers to his questions. But his answers will be painful, in more ways than one.

Violence surrounds Laney, Jake, and Henry from the jungles of Ecuador, across the United States. The last time they became embroiled with an Atlantis site, they were saving the world. This time, the stakes are no less deadly.

Months ago, these three friends faced a supernatural threat and survived. They thought the experience was behind them. Little did they know, it was only just beginning.

The Belial Ring - 3D


Delaney McPhearson has been through the fire more than once.

This time it’s not her choice to join the fight, it’s her destiny.

And that destiny will either be the hope of the world or its doom.


In the last two years, Professor Delaney McPhearson has uncovered two Atlantis sites. Now, though, life has calmed down and all she wants to do is enjoy the peace with her love, Jake Rogan and those she cares about.

But fate has a different idea.

Plans are in motion for Laney, Jake, and Henry Chandler that stretch back thousands of years and across the globe to a mysterious, ancient Egyptian necropolis.

Everything Laney thought she knew about herself and her past will be turned on its head. She never dreamed the violence of the last year was only a taste of what was to come – a taste of the destiny that awaits her.

Because destiny, like fate, always comes with a cost. And this time, the cost may be more than she can bear.

Recruit - 3D



Lou thought she had lost everything important to her.

She didn’t realize there was one thing left for her to lose. . .

Her life.


Life has not been easy for fifteen-year old Lou Thomas. In the last few years, her once happy family has been whittled down to just herself and her unreliable older sister Charlotte. It’s been a daily struggle to make it through.

And it’s about to get worse.

Because Lou’s abilities – enhanced strength, speed, and healing – have just awakened. While Lou may not understand what is happening to her, another group does. And they won’t let anyone get in the way of gathering their new recruit.

Jennifer Witt, though, is determined to keep that from happening. She sees herself in the tough teenager and will do whatever is necessary to keep her safe. But how can you keep someone safe when they insist on running into danger?


The Belial Children - 3D


All children should be safe from harm . . .

Someone didn’t get the message.


Life has not calmed down for Delaney McPhearson now that she has become the ring bearer. For the last few months, she, Henry Chandler, and Jake Rogan have been finding the camps of the teenage potentials left behind by Amar.

In their search, they’ve come across something they didn’t expect: More children are missing but these children are younger – much younger.

One of the largest lines of investigation leads them to early American history and the legends of an ancient race of giants. But are they getting closer to the missing children or heading down a path that will only lead them farther away?

Together, Laney, Jake, and Henry have faced incredible odds together and won. But this time the cost feels that much steeper.

Because this time it’s not just their lives at risk – this time it’s children who may pay the ultimate price.

The Belial Origins - 3D


Revelations, death, and destiny

The three forces have ruled Delaney’s McPhearson’s life for the last two years.

But the greatest revelation is yet to come . . .

And the greatest sacrifice.


A powerful relic was hidden eons ago to protect mankind. If it’s uncovered, our world will change forever. But the Fallen are on its trail. And they’re not the only ones.

The key to this ancient danger is none other than Victoria Chandler. No one knows who she really is, or more importantly, what her role is in the fight against the fallen angels. But Victoria’s time for secrecy is over. Now she must step out of the shadows and take her rightful place in mankind’s history.

Delaney McPhearson, Jake Rogan, and Henry Chandler’s fight against the Fallen will take them from ancient temples to natural wonders. But with every step, the danger will grow more severe and the stakes ever higher.

And in this battle, not everyone will be standing when the dust clears.

Runs Deep - 3D


Ten years ago, Simone Granger was killed in the sleepy little town of Millners Kill. Steve Kane, then sixteen, was quickly arrested and convicted. But Steve knows he’s innocent. Someone else took the life of his best friend’s sister.

Now Steve is on parole, and he is forced to return to the town that hates him. Steve would rather be anywhere than Millners Kill, but at least in his hometown, he’s got his grandmother, his brother, and State Police Investigator Declan Reed on his side. And Steve intends to make no waves. He just wants to get his life back.

But someone else has different plans.

As the storm of the century hits Millners Kill, the bodies begin to pile up, and Steve is the only suspect. A town is losing its grip, and all their rage is focused on one man.

Steve knows he’s an innocent man. But will anyone give him a chance to prove it?

Hominid - 3D


As a child, Dr. Tess Brannick learned there was something big living in the Pacific Northwest.

Now she’s going to prove it.  
For centuries, legends of a giant hairy beast roaming the Pacific Northwest have made their way into the collective understanding. Despite the reports, conclusive proof of bigfoot has never been found.
But Dr. Tess Brannick has a plan to change all that.
Tess has spent years studying to be up to the task of finding the elusive creature.  And now, a year into her research in northern California, she knows she’s on the precipice of a world-shattering discovery.
But the more she learns, the more confused she becomes.  Nothing is as she expected.
And as a new threat, a threat she unintentionally introduced, appears on the horizon, Tess must come to a decision.  Who should she be – the scientist or the human being?



60 thoughts on “Books”

  1. Just finished it, and am totally agreeing with everyone else – Loved it! and really looking forward to more books!

  2. I am only just into The Belial Stone and already looking for a sequel! Please tell me one will be coming and that it won’t be too long.

  3. i am loving this book! it says on my kindle that im 56% in and i just had to stop and go on amazon to see if another book came out. then i saw that you have a blog, so i wanted to see if there was more info on a new book. now im subscribed to the newsletter!

    1. Hi Dan. I’m thrilled you’re loving the book. I’m actually finishing up the sequel right now. If all goes well, it should be out around Thanksgiving. I’ll let you know when The Belial Library is published. Thanks for reading!
      – R.D.

  4. Intense plot, well-developed characters, and edge-of-your-seat action…Ms. Brady, you’ve exceeded my expectations and now I’m chomping at the bit for your next creation! Keep up the good work and please add me to your mailing list.

  5. “The Belial Stone” has all my favorite elements – a hint of the biblical, archeology, suspense, action, adventure … I can’t wait for your next one! Great character development too. I was sad to reach the end because I wanted more!

    1. Hi Mike. I’m so glad you liked it! The next book should be out by December 1st, fingers crossed.

      I’ll send you a note when it’s available. Thanks for writing and thanks for reading!


  6. Finished the Belial Stone on Sunday and to be honest…WOW! I’m a freaking book snob and have had my head buried in The Wheel of Time for the last 4 years while reading all of Brandon Sanderson, Terry Pratchett and Tom Holt. Before that it was Jeffrey Deaver and James Patterson…eventually though you get bored of the same stuff over and over. The Belial Stone however kept me up all night and this is the quickest I’ve read a book since book 14 of TWoT.

    Amazing book, nice flowing writing, good strong characters (So glad the romance aspect didn’t make up a big part of the book, hate soppy dialogue in anything other than chiclit), loved the details pertaining to the ‘Myths’, enough action to keep me on my toes but not overboard. Would however prefer a little less action and a little more mysticism.
    Only noticed typos, then again my grammar isn’t that great.

    So thank you for an awesome read! Last one was in March and I was crying as I finished one amazing 14 book long journey. Since then I’ve started quite a few books and have only managed to force my way through only 2, until The Belial Stone, really looking forward to the next one!! 🙂

    This could make an excellent Trilogy!

    1. Hi Lili. I was smiling from ear to ear when I read your post. I’m thrilled you liked it so much. Right now, the plan is for at least four books in the series, although I have some thoughts on two possible stand alone books, one for Henry and one for Helen of Troy. If all goes well, the next installment, The Belial Library will be out this week.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂


  7. R.D. – thank you for introducing me to a new group of friends. I have read the Belial Stone and am quickly devouring the Belial Library. It is not often that I feel real empathy for characters in a book, but your characters now all feel like friends and I am completely hooked on being part of their lives. I hope you find a long series of books for these characters (like James Rollins Sigma Force for example) they deserve it!

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying the books! I too feel like they are friends. At this point, I have five books planned. Not sure if the fifth will be the end, or if I’ll keep going. I’m hoping to keep going as long as I have some ideas. The third book, The Belial Ring, will be out this June. I hope you like that one just as much. Take care,


  8. R.D.
    Finished reading the Belial Library today, and as I did after I finished the Belial Stone, felt compelled to send you a comment expressing my congratulations on providing an exciting sequel to the first excellent book in the series. I enjoy reading a series of books because I enjoy watching the characters grow and develop. I’ve read books in a series where the sequels never really reach the bar that the first book sets. I believe The Belial Library meets and exceeds the expectation set by the Belial Stone and certainly (no pressure) pushes the bar higher for the Belial Ring.

    Best Wishes,
    R.D. (same initials)

  9. R. D.
    I loved both books. Cannot wait for book three, hopefully some answers come to light. However, I’m slightly confused from the ending of book two. I get that Henry and Laney might be brother and sister, but was Victoria saying that Jake was her son as well?

    1. Hi Steph. No, Victoria’s reference to Jake involves something else. Otherwise, gross. 🙂 And I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. the next one should be out in early summer. Thanks for reading!

      – R.D.

  10. I just discovered your books. Loved Belial Stone and am equally enjoying Belial Library. I am looking forward to your next book. Keep up the great work!

  11. Hi RD,

    You have a fan in India! And i’m working on getting you more.

    Love the commitment to actually pushing the boundary on what-ifs, rather than just leaving them at unsatisfying hints.
    Also really like the fact or fiction bit at the end.

    Can’t wait for the next book. Hope it comes out on Kindle soon as well!


    1. Hi Adi.

      Thanks so much! I too love books full of what if. Thank you for reading. And I’ll have to see why the books not available on Kindle in India. Take care,

  12. Have read books one and two. Half-way through three. These are WONDERFUL books!! Would love to see them go on and on. Thank you so much for sharing your great writing with us.

    1. Thanks Wilma! You just made my day! I decided to take a little break from working on the next one, The Belial Children, and checked my email to see your note. Thank you for reading and for getting in touch. It means a lot.

      Take care,

  13. Absolute loved these books, read all 3 in two days. Interesting topic that ticks all the boxes for me. Currently wondering who Victoria is? Are there enough clues in the text to work out who she is? Looking forward to the next book greatly.

  14. I just finished all three books in 8 days! I loved the story and quickly became attached to the characters. The only problem is that I read them too fast…I am in rural Nepal for the next 2.5 weeks and now looking for some books to read. 🙂 I can’t wait until the next book comes out!

  15. Very very good book… Can’t put my kindle down! Started reading the first book one week ago… Now I am halfway through the second book! Very entertaining read! Thank you so much Miss Brady for such great books!!!! Pat!

  16. Ms. Brady, I am reading your 5th book right now…I read the other 4 in 5 days! I know this sounds rude , but could you write faste? I have become a huge fan in less than a week. Thank you for well written and researched fiction please let me know when your next book is released. I am always happy to support amazing authors ! Vickie Wallace

  17. Ms Brady, I really enjoyed the series. I picked the first one up on a whim from Bookbub and got hooked. Devoured 1-4 and just in time for number 5. Thank you for the interesting fantasy/fiction, etc that is well written. I’m hoping the kids keep including themselves, they are teens after all.

    1. Thank you! I actually have a book coming out sometime next year involving the kids – they go off on a little adventure involving Cleo. Not sure when it will be out, but I ail keep you posted. Take care,

  18. R. D., really love your books. Story line exciting and fast paced. Looking forward to book four. My wife turned me on to this series and have stayed awake many nights reading and some drowsy days at work the next day afraid to sit down after lunch only to come home and do it over again. Thanks for the recommended authors. Will look for them. Looking forward to the book about Helen of Sparta. Hope it tells how she was able to put The Fallen down. Not looking for any hints, just find this series fascinating.

    1. Thank you for mentioning Helen! I’ve really been debating writing that particular book, but you’ve gotten me excited about it again. So thank you! I think the summer plan will be outlining that. 🙂

  19. My post is just one of thanks and appreciation! I bought The Belial Stone after having it advertised to me on my Kindle and quickly purchased the rest of the series. I look forward to picking up where I left off when the new book comes out. Thank you again for drawing me in and entertaining me with your riveting novels!

  20. I am totally hooked on your books! They supply a release from reality while maintaining plausibility that I absolutely adore. Love the characters and the premise. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and your imagination with us. I can’t wait for “Origins” to come out…very excited…

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE, this series, so refreshing to find a book series that clicks with all of my interests! I just started the Belial origins, is this the last book, or are you still writing more to the series? Have not figured out who Victoria is yet, I have suspicions, but I think I know where Max fits in.

  22. I just finished The Ring and was absolutely impressed. Great read. I was flying on an airplane across country with a bunch of strangers when I read about Jake….I’m sure they thought I was weird! Can’t wait until the next book.

    1. Ha! I totally know the feeling. I write at a little restaurant near my house. I have been sitting in my little booth, trying to keep from sobbing at times. I;m glad you enjoy the books. And if you haven’t read the Belial Origins, you might want a little privacy as you get to the end. . .

      Thanks for reading!


  23. I just finished reading Hominid, as the Belial book series this book was also superb. I enjoy how you intertwine facts with fiction and make not far fetch. I have never enjoyed such author since the good Doctor Asimov past away. Oh, almost forgot those comments also apply to the book ‘Runs Deep’, really enjoyed the ending.

    Keep them coming !

  24. I have read all your books and just finished Runs Deep. All I can say is “Wow”! As much as I have enjoyed the Belial Series, Runs Deep is my favorite. The characters were so easy to identify with and I really was shocked by the ending. I love your writing, keep them coming!

  25. I have torn through the Belial Series. They are amazing! I am dreading when I finish the series, but I look forward to reading your other work.

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