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In 1988, Project B.E.G.I.N. (Biological Experiment of Genetic Interaction Nexus) was developed in response to the increasing alien presence in US air space. Dr. Alice Leander, the projects leading scientist, though is beginning to have doubts leading her to question just who she answers to: her conscience or her government?




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53 thoughts on “Sign Up for New Releases”

  1. Your books are so exciting yo read! I am recommending them to anyone who reads. I look forward to the next even more than the last. Keep writing for us. You sure are gifted.

  2. I have read all the books in the series this past two weeks. I am eagerly awaiting the latest release in May. The series is awesome! I am pretty picky about paying for my books but yours are well worth it. Keep them coming.

  3. R.D., your books have kept me reading fast and furious for this past week…I’ve read them all can’t wait for Oringins!!! Keep it up! Fast pace, intriguing, fun, can’t say enought good thing about this series, just love it! You are such a talented writer so glad I found you.

  4. I’ve just finished reading The Belial Origins and can honestly say the whole series had me gripped from start to finish. What an amazing read and I love your descriptive style of writing, it truly does paint a picture as you read. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

    I’m looking forward to any further books you release albeit not very patiently!

  5. Love your books! Thank you so much for providing such exciting escapes from my busy life 🙂 the notes at the end of the books are great too! Love the info. Can’t wait for the next story!

  6. With so much gratitude I thank you for the opportunity to read some of the most exciting and enveloping books I have ever read. It has reignited my love of reading. I find myself giddy with excitement to get home from work and start reading into the latter part of the night. The only reason I put them down is to rest my eyes. What a thrill to be enveloped into a story this much. You are a true talent! Thanks for sharing your gift. You have a new fan! Looking forward to all your new work. All the best!!

  7. Enjoyed the series. Just finished the last book in the series. I look forward to more adventures from the Ring bearer and her crew. I will look for your new series book in June.

  8. I loved all the belial books so far cant wait for the next one. I am an avid reader and this series is spectacular. Thanks

  9. I love all of t he books. I can’t wait for the next one. All of the characters are so good & so believable. The story itself keeps you going & you can’t wait til the end. Really a great series.

  10. Amazing insight on an amazing topic – more truth than fiction in many places! Going to go crazy waiting for your new release this Autumn – this is truly an amazing series!!

  11. I’ve enjoyed reading my entire life Now I’m 65 (soon to be 66) and I travel internationally on business many times a year. I found your Belial series a a couple of months ago, was thourghly hooked and read the entire series on a few 12 hour plane rides. Thanks for saving me from 10 hours of airline movies on these flights. I can’t wait for the next episode but until then I’ve just started “Runs Deep” so I’ll be OK for a while but hurry, please. Consider me a brand new fan for life, hopefully a new fan for a “long” life. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jim! And I know how a book can make this long plane rides fly by – pun intended. 🙂 And no worries, I;m busily working on new books. Happy traveling!


  12. After reading your books I have a renewed energy to research more into the fascinating topics you touch on in your book. You have an amazing way of telling a captivating story while igniting one’s curiosity to the story behind the texts. I love the way you empower the female. Thanks for all the work you put in to your books.

  13. R.D., I wanted to thank you for sharing your talent, and incredible combination of imagination and factual research in the Belial Series. I have read and no re-read the entire series and find new and exciting twists each time through. I am 3/4 through “Origins” for the 2nd time and can’t wait to read whatever is next!!!

  14. Hi there, been hoping to get a email from you as to when the next book is coming out? All I know is hopefully it is still in April cause my birthday is on April 25th and I can’t think of a better present. So any news?

    1. Hi Connie. And early Happy Birthday! Yes, the Belial Guard will be out before your birthday. If all goes well, it will be out next week in fact. I’ll let you low when it’s available!

      Take care,

  15. Thank you does not seem to be adequate in terms of showing my gratitude for your stories. They take me on a journey with every page turn and I tell everyone I can about you. I don’t know how I came about finding the first book but it must have been fate or you are my long lost twin. The quest for factual history and the research into the legends are imagination trips my father ignited in me when I was a child and to this day I can get so wrapped up in the journey I lose time. Thank you for the wonderful smiles on my face after I finish each book and forgive my impatience as I anticipate your next adventure.

  16. Best books EVER.. can’t remember the last time I couldn’t put a book down and finished eight books in 3 days. Now am so sad that I am all caught up and can’t wait for the next book!! Please keep up with your writing!!!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Eight books in three days – that’s astounding! I’ve done some serious reading binges and I don’t think I;ve ever matched that. I need to get to work! 🙂

  17. Comment: Just finished book 8 of the Belial series. Can’t wait for the next book. What a cliff hanger, love the characters!…and Cleo, wonderful.

  18. After reading the 9 books in this series I am anxiously awaiting the next book. I appreciate the research and fact or fiction section s at the end. The characters are memorable and keep a reader exquisitely captivated. Thank you.

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