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Making My Writing Time More Efficient

So, I haven’t chatted about anything beyond new releases recently partly due to how little time I seem to have to get things done.  I’m running from life responsibilities to work responsibilities and then collapsing in bed.

But I actually have something that I would like to share because it has radically improved my efficiency when writing. It is an app called Notes Plus. Just to get it out of the way, no-I am not being paid in any way, shape, or form by them to promote their product. I just really, really like it.

ipadprowithnotesplusscreenshotandpencil900So here’s how it started: I was trying to figure out how to become more productive in my writing. I examined my process to see what was sucking up my time. And I realized it was re-typing my notes. I tend to write a first draft right on my laptop, then I print it up and handwrite all my edits. I find I think better that way which means those edits tend to be extensive – pages and pages. But then I need to re-type them.

It takes forever.

So I went searching. And I found Notes Plus. It requires an Ipad Pro and an Apple pencil, but I can ‘write’ directly on the iPad and then it converts my handwriting into text! It is incredible. I cannot praise the time savings this app has provided enough. So if you are looking for a cool app that will reduce your typing time, check it out. Honestly, it is just amazing! Happy writing!